The Bag Issue: Drew by Chloé


There are 2 types of men.
• Boob-lovers
• Ass-lovers

Which leads to 2 types of women ☺️
• Shoe-addicts
• Bag-addicts

I’m neither of them. I’m the 3rd type. Shoes AND Bags! Only since recently so I discovered. I have over a 100 pair of shoes but “only” 20 (I guess) bags. I’ve always been the shoe lover and my sister the bag lover. Perfect combo right. But since a couple of months I’m also into bags. A fashion bisexual! 😃


The bag I’m drooling over is a Chloé Bag. The Drew Bag. It is perfection. I saw it for the very 1st time on Aimee Songs instagram during Paris Fashion Week.


It comes in 2 sizes but of course I would want the biggest bag. I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me…


It also comes in a big range of monochromes and bicolors. But who…

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