October Beauty Favorites: High End + Drugsture

The Wanderluste

2 (2 of 27)What’s your favorite beauty product? A go-to eyeliner that won’t smudge or budge for 12 hours? A smoldering red lip that sets the tone for a double take? Whether you want to channel your feline alter-ego with a retro cat-eye or a modern day Grace Kelly with sultry red lips, I’ve rounded a selection of high end + drugstore cosmetics that get the job done. Right.

2 (1 of 27)* Before I jump in, here are some outfit deets — to keep the look minimalistic, I paired this 3D Rose Top White from the LookBook Store (as featured in “Fashions Fade. Style Is Eternal”) with my triple-toned mini skirt from Zara and kept the accessories to the minimum with a gold bracelet and a petal-infused ring. Now let’s go.

1 (8 of 10)

~*~ HIGH END ~*~

1.) Burberry Complete Eye Palette (Plum Pink): My holy grail eyeshadow set, this highly coveted palette is known for its illuminating, lightweight formula that can easily work…

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