Eyebrows! I’ll have mine FULL!

The Zulu Lulu Madness

So facial hair is a taboo (well for me anyways), all except the brows! I am obsessed with youthful, bushy, natural brows like Cara Delevingne’s. Hence, I’m always on a quest to obtain the perfect brows (statement on its own). Here are a few easy tips on how to achieve full brows:


Try hault on the constant plucking (I mean chickens are meant to be plucked bald, not them brows) and allow your brows to grow naturally. Once your hair growth has somewhat recovered, start researching the shape of brows which would most flatter your face. Choose that look and stick to it (if it ain’t broke, why fix it). Remember not to over tweeze or wax or thread as your brow folicles may become permanently damaged and hence may never grow back (noooooooo, I need Cara’s brows).  And ladies, if you have shaky hands, best steer clear of shaping your brows…

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